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Standing in Solidarity with Striking Workers in Detroit

In a display of unity and support, CWA District 4 staff and local leaders joined forces with striking workers in the heart of Detroit. They stood shoulder to shoulder with the UAW Blue Cross Blue Shield and casino workers, who are currently engaged in a battle for fair contracts.

The camaraderie was notable as they walked and picketed alongside the striking workers. It was more than a gesture; it was a statement of solidarity. The Blue Cross Blue Shield and Detroit casino workers are striking with unwavering determination for fair wages and equitable working conditions.

"It was an honor to join our UAW and casino worker Brothers and Sisters on the front lines," said District 4 Administrative Director Frank Mathews, reflecting on the experience. "Walking the line with them, you could feel the collective strength that comes from workers standing together."

The resolve of these workers, supported by CWA's solidarity, sends a powerful reminder that the fight for labor rights is as urgent and vital as ever. CWA leadership's presence in Detroit is a testament to the union's commitment to the cause and the collective power of workers united for a common goal.

CWA D4 Solidarity in Detroit 
CWA District 4 local leaders and staff, including Assistant to the Vice President Curt Hess, and Administrative Directors Frank Mathews and Mike Handley, joined forces with striking Blue Cross Blue Shield and casino workers in the heart of Detroit.


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