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UCW Virginia Attends Lobby Day at State Capitol

Last week, United Campus Workers of Virginia (UCWVA-CWA Local 2265) members attended Lobby Day at the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond. Lobby Day is an annual opportunity to engage state legislators on key issues, and UCWVA-CWA members, including student workers, faculty, and campus staff, showed up en masse to advance their platform.

Members lobbied to secure collective bargaining for university workers. Public sector workers in the state lack the ability to collectively bargain, making the legalization of bargaining rights an essential cause for UCW-CWA members. UCWVA-CWA also advocated for Childcare for All, a crucial component of their current campaign to improve working conditions for all campus workers. Their Childcare for All campaign aims to achieve universal pre-K childcare, staffed by workers paid a living wage, for every campus worker in the state.

In addition to attending Lobby Day, members of UCWVA-CWA also held a rally on the Capitol grounds, where they called on state legislators to back their collective bargaining and Childcare for All campaigns.

UCWVA-CWA members rallied at the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond for Lobby Day.


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