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As we continue bargaining, wages remain one of the last obstacles for a fair and equitable contract. We have been stuck on wages for a couple of weeks, but we are finally seeing the company moving in the right direction.
The Union Coalition met with ARC to continue negotiations in good faith. The main focus on this week's sessions focused on TeamCare Cost Share and Healthcare.
As we inch closer to a deal, wages remain a sticking point. We have agreements on many very good improvements for every group in the Orange Contract, but the Company still needs to reach into their pockets to secure fair raises.
The Bargaining Team reports progress some proposals and they introduced their first set of economic proposals. Comcast announced that their committee will have a new chairperson once new dates are scheduled.
American Agents Connected asks AA members to complete a bargaining survey. Negotiations with the Comcast and Everyaction continued this month. Red Cross and AT&T Mobility members are mobilized while negotiations continue. The Greenbrier contract was ratified, and the Thryv contract was extended to August 5th.
Five years ago, on Memorial Day Weekend, CWA workers covered under the Orange Contract had recently returned from their historic strike at AT&T Mobility. The strike was unprecedented and sent a message of solidarity and strength to the Company. Building on that strength, and the current mobilization, we are close to a fair and equitable contract.
The Thryv joint Bargaining Committees agreed to extend the current contract until August 5, 2022.
The Joint Union Coalition continues to meet with American Red Cross, focusing on health insurance, compensation, and staffing/scheduling. The contract expiration date has been extended to June 30.