June 2021 Bargaining Round-Up

American Airlines

The latest news on negotiations with Mainline American Airlines is:

American Airlines is still experiencing a considerable disruption to its business as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. In the first quarter of 2021, the company reported revenues that were 53% below the same quarter of 2020 and 62% below the same quarter in 2019. The CWA-IBT Association has decided to postpone opening the contract for bargaining until the airline is in a more stable position to avoid any unnecessary concessions.

Read the full report here

CenturyLink – Virginia

The CWA Local 2204 Bargaining Committee reached a Tentative Agreement with CenturyLink Virginia. Check Local 2204's member resources (CenturyLink bargaining information) for a full report and information about ratification.

Prior to reaching the Tentative Agreement, CWA Local 2204 members rallied to support a fair contract.

CWA Local 2204 banner outside.

Local 2204 members informational picketing for CenturyLink contract.

Local 2204 members mobilization barbeque for CenturyLink contract.

Comcast Alle-Kiske

The CWA Local 13000 reached a Tentative Agreement that was overwhelmingly ratified by the members. Congratulations to the Committee and members!

Read the latest report here.

Comcast South Hills

The CWA Local 13000 met with Comcast over the South Hills contract throughout the month of June . While the Committee has seen progress on some issues, they also report that "the company seems to have no interest in coming to terms on fair wages." Negotiations will continue.

Read the latest report here.

Community College of Baltimore County

The CWA Local 2100 Bargaining Committee reports that a collective bargaining agreement was reached and ratified this month with the Community College of Baltimore County. The new contract will be in effect for six (6) years. Great work to the Bargaining Committee and members!

Frontier – West Virginia & Virginia

Talks with Frontier Communications opened this month. In their latest update, the Frontier WV/VA Bargaining Committee reported:

Communications Workers of America and Frontier Communications have agreed in principle to a two-year extension of the collective bargaining agreement covering employees in West Virginia and Virginia. The current agreement is set to expire August 7, 2021.

Details of the agreement will be provided for membership review. The agreement is subject to ratification by the members of the bargaining unit.

Read the full first and second reports. 

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

The CWA Local 2252 Bargaining Committee reached an impasse with MWAA. The process will move to mediation, fact finding, and arbitration.