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June 2023 Bargaining Round Up

American Airlines – Passenger Service Agents

Across the nation, American Airlines members mobilized in June to demand a fair contract and to support the Bargaining Team:

American Airlines passenger service agents, members of the CWA-IBT Association, are continuing to mobilize to build power at the bargaining table as they negotiate for a fair contract. During the latest bargaining session that began last Tuesday and continued through Thursday, workers in stations across the country participated in mobilization activities to build solidarity with their bargaining committee and show the company that they are united in their fight for fair pay, affordable health care, and job security that they deserve. Members wore their CWA-IBT Association wing pins and shared their selfies and group photos on social media using the hashtag #FairPayAA. Their strong mobilization demonstrates that the workers are willing to do what is necessary to win a fair deal and protect their rights.

Check out mobilization photos from District 2-13:

AA Mobilization 2023  


The contract, originally scheduled to expire on June 23, 2023, has been extended to September 23, 2023:

Avaya has emerged from bankruptcy with all provisions of the contract intact. The current collective bargaining agreement is set to expire on June 23, 2023. 

Since the Company could not discuss bargaining during the bankruptcy proceedings, CWA has agreed to extend the current contract for ninety (90) days to September 23, 2023. Both parties agree to maintain the status quo with the Collective Bargaining Agreement continuing in full force and effect. CWA feels this is the best way to ensure the bargaining process can be conducted thoroughly and due to being so near the expiration date.

Comcast Alle-Kiski

Following May and June discussions, CWA Local 13000 reports:

Bargaining continues past the May 21, 2023 contract expiration date for our Unit 119 members in Alle-Kiske. The majority of the unresolved issues at the table are economic in nature. Future bargaining dates have been requested by the Union and we are still awaiting a response from the Company. Despite the Company delay tactics, your bargaining team remains solidified in our goal to settle for nothing less than a fair agreement for our membership.

Frontier West Virginia

Frontier WV-VA negotiations kicked off this month with a flood of support from members. Across Virginia and West Virginia, members wore black on June 5th to demonstrate their commitment to a strong, fair contract.

CWA members in WV and VA wear black during Frontier negotiations
CWA Local 2222 members wear black during Frontier bargaining

In their latest report, the Bargaining Team reported:

The Committees held discussions on the Company’s Work-at-Home proposal. The Union has requested additional clarifying information.

The Committees also met for a presentation by the Company regarding healthcare which included Frontier’s Active Benefit Proposal. The Union Committee is reviewing the proposal and information provided. Additional information is needed and will be requested.  
Once information is received, the Union will respond to both proposals.

Mobilization activities continued. Thanks to everyone who has participated and provided photos to their Local’s Mobilizers. Keep up the good work!

Frontier members have been fired up throughout the first month of negotiations, especially on Thursdays:

CWA WV & VA Frontier members wear red on Thursdays


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

While it appears that management is avoiding the bargaining table, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Union siblings from OH supported the striking members. Toledo News Guild Local 34043 leafleted in solidarity outside of Block HQ in downtown Toledo and join Post-Gazette members in the fight for a fair contract.

District 4 members support Pittsburgh Post-Gazette strikers in Toledo, OH

The White House also offered support this month to members of the NewsGuild-CWA, including the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Gannett, and Insider:

Hundreds of journalists have been on strike at different outlets, including Insider and two dozen Gannett newsrooms, while journalists, mailers, advertising salespeople, and accounts receivable workers at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette remain on strike. 

In a statement provided exclusively to the Insider Union’s strike publication Business Outsider, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre threw the administration’s support behind recent newsroom unfair labor practice strikes breaking out in local newsrooms and digital outlets. “Across the country, we’ve seen a historic wave of newsrooms demanding fair pay and benefits. This week alone, journalists at Gannett, Insider, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette remain on strike,” said Jean-Pierre. “All workers deserve a voice in the workplace, and journalists are no different.

For more information on how to support the striking workers, visit and subscribe to the strike paper at