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May 2022 Bargaining Round-Up

31 May, 2022

American Airlines

American Agents Connected has asked American Agents to take a bargaining survey and tell the Bargaining Committee what issues are most important to you:

Remember, if you don't take the bargaining survey, you are sending a message to the company that the contract does not need any changes.

Members win good contracts when they unite to make their issues heard. This starts with rating what is most important to you in a new contract and identifying what changes need to be made.

TAKE THE SURVEY. Tell your co-workers to take the survey. Post this link on your Facebook page or other social media. Be a part of making a positive change in your working conditions.

American Red Cross – National Addendum

In the latest bargaining report, the Joint National Coalition of Unions announced that the current contract has been extended through June 30, 2022 to protect health care benefits.

During the week of May 9th, Union members and allies across the country mobilized to tell Red Cross that it is time to honor our frontline workers with a fair contract, which guarantees affordable health care and safe working conditions. Members gathered in Washington, DC on May 12 in front of American Red Cross’s HQ, and speakers included Local 13000 member Jaytricia Tremel. Check out the full report.



CWA Local 13000 participated in a nationwide mobilization for a fair contract at American Red Cross in Johnstown, PA.


Jaytricia Tremel, CWA Local 13000, spoke at the rally held in Washington, D.C., as part of a nationwide mobilization for a fair contract at American Red Cross.

Members of Congress joined the Coalition in May and sent a letter to American Red Cross in support of frontline workers. Read the full letter here: 

May 31, 2022

The National Coalition published a new issue of The Pulse in May. Check it out to find out here: 

May 26, 2022

AT&T Mobility (Orange)

The latest report from Orange Contract negotiations states:

Five years ago, on Memorial Day Weekend, CWA workers covered under the Orange Contract had recently returned from their historic strike at AT&T Mobility. The strike was unprecedented and sent a message of solidarity and strength to the Company. Building on that strength, and the current mobilization, we are close to a fair and equitable contract. It has been a long and hard process, and we know it’s been frustrating at times for you, but all the gains we are making at the bargaining table are due to your efforts. Keep up the fight a little longer and we will get what you deserve from this company. Let AT&T know that even though we are close, you will fight until the end. We continue to work under the terms and conditions of the previous contract, while either side can terminate this agreement with 72-hours notice, we do not foresee such events taking place.

Members throughout District 2-13 mobilized in May.



CWA Local 2204 AT&T Moblity members in Virginia want a fair contract.


CWA Local 2006 members mobilize in West Virginia for a fair contract at AT&T Mobility.



CWA Local 2204 rally outside of the AT&T Mobility Lebanon, VA Call Center.

As always, contact your Local or visit Unity at AT&T Mobility for the latest news and mobilization activities.

District 2-13 members are sharing the message that they are ALL IN for a fair contract at AT&T Mobility:

Orange Contract 2022

Comcast Corliss

CWA Local 13000's negotiations with Comcast over the Corliss contract continued in May. Contact your Unit Rep for the latest mobilization activities, and check out the most recentreport.


The Everyaction Bargaining Committee, which includes Locals 2336 and 13000, met with the company this month. The Committee reports: “After waiting almost a month to meet, they presented us with a confusing and opaque wage counter-proposal with no actual numbers that we could evaluate. We told them that their offer was unacceptable and made it very clear we need a sustainable, living wage that the membership would want to vote on and ratify.”

Check out the full report here: 

May 31, 2022


In a Press Release this month, the Greenbrier Council of Labor Unions (GCLU), which includes CWA Local 2007, reported that a three-year Collective Bargaining Agreement was ratified by the membership. The new agreement includes “an immediate wage increase for all bargaining unit employees, a bonus in June of 2022, and regular wage increases in 2023 and 2024 representing the best wage increases in the history of the Parties bargaining relationship. The Agreement also includes health insurance benefits, retirement benefits, paid sick time and other enhancements.”


The CWA Joint Bargaining Committees, which includes Local Officers and Staff from Districts 1 and 2-13, agreed to a contract extension while negotiations continue with Thryv. The current contract remains in effect through August 5, 2022.

Read the full report.

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