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Red Cross National Bargaining: May 20, 2022 Update

The Red Cross Coalition Bargaining Committee reports:

Your Coalition Bargaining committee met this week continuing the fight with 3 major items still being health insurance, compensation, and Staffing/Scheduling. The AFL-CIO is assisting in our fight for a fair contract.

Health Insurance:
ARC is insisting we enter their health insurance. The Coalition is holding firm that we want coverage that is as good or comparable to our existing healthcare at a reasonable cost. We expect to be able to resume bargaining on this topic during our first session in June.

ARC and the Coalition have put forward their own compensation proposals and neither side has offered a counter.

Staffing and Scheduling:
We continue to fight with the company over safe staffing and scheduling policies. We have taken a lot of time expressing to them how bad staffing and donor flow is at mobiles, fixed sites and integrated sites. They continue to push back and suggest kicking the can down the road in the form of committees. They remain defiant in our suggestion of expanding the late end premium pay, i.e. offering this premium to fixed and integrated sites.

The coalition has signed an extension through June 30, 2022. This is to maintain Teamcare healthcare coverage. To continue coverage we need to have an agreement in place, i.e. a TA or extension, or we will lose Team Care permanently!

We are near the end of negotiations. The items on the table are of utmost importance to our members, and cannot be understated. We are at war with the company for fair wages, safe working conditions, and healthcare coverage that we deserve.

It is extremely important that when the call is put out for membership actions that all members take part if we expect to win a fair contract.

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