TA Reached with DE Dept. Of Health & Special Services

The CWA Local 13101 Bargaining Committee reports:

Tentative Agreement reached between CWA Local 13101 and

The State of Delaware, Department Of Health and Special Services

Division of Services for Aging and

Adults with Physical Disabilities

For the first time in Delaware State history, our Senior Social Workers/Case Manager members have achieved a wage package that is guaranteed thru Collective Bargaining.

This is a direct result of intense political action by CWA Local 13101 and the Delaware State AFL-CIO in successfully urging the Delaware State Legislature to pass landmark legislation, commonly referred to as S.B 8.

Bargaining began in February of 2019 with the State having a $450M+ surplus. By early March everything changed with the Covid-19 pandemic shutting down the State and the Nation.  What once was a huge surplus quickly vanished.

The deadline for compensation bargaining under S.B 8 was extended until May 1, 2021.

Prior to S.B.8, our Senior Social Workers/Case Manager were considered Merit Employees, meaning that they were barred from negotiating for wages and were dependent on the largess of the Legislators and the sitting Governor. The last wage adjustment by the Legislature was a paltry $500 lump sum in 2019 and zero base wage increase.

The Tentative Agreement will provide:

  • A $1000.00 base wage increase effective first pay period of July, 2021;
  • A 3% base wage increase effective first pay period of July, 2022 and;
  • A 3% base wage increase effective first pay period of July 2023.

The Contract is for three (3) years, expiring July 2024.

In addition, the parties have agreed to establish a working joint Labor/Management Committee to further discuss items considered compensation and other issues during the term of the Agreement.  The committee will meet at least twice annually and more often as necessary.  Any issues agreed upon will be recommended to the Bargaining Committees.

This Agreement is Tentative and is subject to a vote of the membership for ratification.  CWA Local 13101 urges a Yes vote.

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