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District 2-13 Bargaining News: June 2024

American Airlines

CWA’s Airline Council reported on the current status of implementing Article 4 (curbside work) and Articles 6 and 7 (mandatory overtime assignment and pay) of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement. All other articles of the CBA are in effect.


Brightspeed – Virginia 

On June 13, 2024, Brightspeed members in Virginia ratified their tentative agreement. Reach out to Local 2204 for contract details.

Congratulations to the Bargaining Committee and members!

Climate Reality

CWA Local 2336’s Bargaining Committee reported from May and June bargaining sessions with Climate Reality over the members’ first contract. The Bargaining Team focused on job security issues at the most recent session. The next round of negotiations is scheduled in July.

The Climate Reality Project joined CWA last spring when they signed a Voluntary Recognition Agreement. Stay in touch with Local 2336 for the latest news.


CWA Local 13500’s Bargaining Team reached a tentative agreement with ITS Corporation this month, and members unanimously ratified the 3-year agreement on Friday, June 28, 2024. 

Congratulations to the Bargaining Team and members!


Optimum/ Altice

Members of Altice USA (which provides services to Optimum in West Virginia) authorized a strike late last month. Negotiations continued during the month of June, as the contract expiration extension date of Friday, June 28 approaches. Reach out to Local 2002 or 2007 for the latest news.



Earlier this month, Dan Reynolds from CWA’s Research Department joined the Piedmont Bargaining Committee on June 4-6 to cost the value of Union proposals, as well as Piedmont’s counter-proposals. The Committee reported:

We are at a critical point in negotiations trying to finish up the non-economic items and work on the economic items, pay and benefits. Piedmont and CWA agreed to cancel the next meeting in June so both parties can work on the remaining proposals. Our next meeting is July 16, 17, & 18.

We are releasing a short survey for part-time agents regarding health care. It is important to fill out the survey so we can finish our entire economic proposal.

Mobilization is critical at this stage of bargaining. We need to show the Company we are Unified and want a Contract. Thank you to all who participated in the action last week.

If you are not receiving any information about mobilization, please contact with your station and contact information.

You can see the pictures of those stations that did on or

Read the full report and check out members’ livable wage mobilization across the country. 

Finally, CWA's Airline Council reported on the effect Piedmont bargaining surveys had on improving the FAA Reauthorization Bill, which highlighted safety and staffing issues. Union members’ voices matter in improving working conditions. Keep speaking up!


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Strikers on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette picket line were featured in CWA’s weekly newsletters in June. 

Check out the stories of:

Members in Locals 14827, 14842 and TNG-CWA Local 38061 have been on strike at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for over 18 months.

Please continue your support of striking workers at the Gazette. Visit and subscribe to the strike paper at



CWA Local 2336’s Bargaining Committee reported the expiration of the current contract with UPO was extended to June 30, 2024. Negotiations continued throughout the month.



This month, CWA announced a neutrality agreement with ZeniMax. All eligible employees are freely able to choose union representation now.

On Juneteenth, ZeniMax members celebrated the day off when parent company Microsoft recognized the holiday for the first time. National CWA leaders, including President Claude Cummings and Secretary-Treasurer Ameenah Salaam, joined leaders from Locals 2100 and 2108 in Rockville, MD to celebrate with ZeniMax members. Check out the story.