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CWA President Chris Shelton’s Statement on the Election Results: We Must Be Patient and Uphold Our Democracy

Washington, D.C. -- The following is a statement from Communications Workers of America President Chris Shelton.

As expected, record-breaking voter participation and a large number of absentee ballots means that there is not yet a clear winner in the Presidential election.

This has been an election like no other, and we may need to wait longer than usual for a result. We must be patient and make sure that every eligible ballot is counted accurately, just as we do each election cycle.

In the coming days, we may see attempts to stop the vote count or otherwise interfere from those who are desperate to win at all costs. That’s unacceptable. Election officials must be allowed to fulfill their responsibility to count and verify every ballot in order to uphold our democracy.

Joe Biden’s strong lead in the overall vote count shows that Americans are ready to move forward with new leadership to heal our country and rebuild our economy. Millions of voters have overcome the pandemic and intentional barriers to turn out in record numbers. By counting every vote, we will ensure that person who these voters have chosen is sworn in as our president.