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Standing up for Our Veterans and Our Democracy

Last week a record number of Americans participated in the most fundamental act in our democracy - voting. We are able to go to the polls and elect our leaders thanks to our veterans who, through their service to our country, have preserved and protected this freedom.

Their service does not end with their final tour of duty. We frequently call on them to put their skills to work as volunteers in our communities. With a shortage of poll workers due to the pandemic, thousands of younger veterans answered the call and staffed voting locations, protecting the health of the seniors who typically assume that responsibility. Over the past year, through our Veterans for Social Change Program, CWA veterans worked with community allies to raise awareness of veterans issues and to turn out the vote for candidates who support working people.

As an Air Force veteran, I couldn’t be prouder of the CWA members and retirees who have kept our country safe and strong through their military service. As president of our great union, I pledge to you that we will honor you by standing up for our democracy and for the rights and freedoms that you fought to protect.