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Post-Gazette Workers Statement on Lisa Cunningham's Resignation from Pittsburgh City Paper

On October 20, 2022, CWA released the following statement:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette workers stand in solidarity with Lisa Cunningham, who resigned as editor of the Pittsburgh City Paper yesterday after management interfered in her reporting on our boycott of the Butler Eagle, which is printing the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on behalf of Block Communications during our strike. The Butler Eagle owns the Pittsburgh City Paper.

Lisa is an inspiration to all workers who have faced disrespect on the job, and especially to those of us in local media who understand the courage and determination it takes to push back against the corporate greed that too often runs the show.

As mailers, typographers and journalists, our job is to get the news out each day and help inform our local community. We cannot do this under a corrupt system with low wages, poor healthcare benefits and when our voices are ignored by management. We are grateful that Lisa has taken a stand against these abusive practices and put the journalistic integrity of her publication, The Pittsburgh City Paper, above all else.


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