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Mooney: Evil Cannot be Allowed to Continue

13 Aug, 2017

Hatred, racism and bigotry have no place in our nation. We’ve said these words too many times before. Clearly our nation has a lot of work to do to end the ugly actions and vile rhetoric of the white supremacists who filled the streets of Charlottesville, Va. , this weekend.

On behalf of the members of the Communications Workers of America in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia and Delaware, I condemn those actions that turned a city upside down and resulted in tragedy, including the death of a young woman and injuries to many others.

This wasn’t a case of violence on “many sides,” as President Trump declared. This was evil that cannot be allowed to continue to contaminate our public discussion of the serious issues we face in our country.

I urge CWA members in District 2-13 to attend any vigils or events that show our support for a nation based on respect for all.

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