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District 2-13 Bargaining News: April 2024


The Local 2002/2007 Bargaining Team agreed to extend the current Altice West Virginia contract while negotiations continue. The Bargaining Team appreciates members’ continued support and mobilization. Check out the most recent report.

The contract with Altice in WV now expires on June 28, 2024. New bargaining sessions have been scheduled in May. 


Climate Reality

The Local 2336 Bargaining Committee resolved issues around the annual DRG study, which included a withheld promotion. After this month’s meetings with Climate Reality, negotiations over a first contract will resume on May 22. Read the most recent report here.

The Climate Reality Project joined CWA last spring when they signed a Voluntary Recognition Agreement. Stay in touch with Local 2336 for the latest news.


Delaware State:

Office of the State Bank Commissioner (OSBC)

CWA opened negotiations with the OSBC in Delaware this month. In accordance with Delaware state law, any contract reached must be ratified by the membership no later than April 30th for wages to be effective in July 2024. The three-year proposal that the State offered was deemed wholly insufficient by the members. Bargaining will resume.

Check out thelatest report for detail.

Workers at the OSBC voted to join CWA Local 13101 on February 1, 2024, and the Local is bargaining the first contract for their new members.

Social Workers

After reaching an agreement in principle with the Delaware Department of Health and Human Services, CWA Local 13101’s Bargaining Committee scheduled a contract explanation and ratification meeting. The tentative agreement included two major objectives: a substantial wage increase and a wage schedule that recognizes service time with the State.

Check out the final report.

Congratulations to the Bargaining Team and members!



The Bargaining Committee met with Fastmail over members’ first contract. The Bargaining Committee will resume negotiations in May, by which time they will have fine-tuned bargaining table proposals with members' bargaining surveys. Check out the latest report here.

Fastmail was organized in February when the PA-based employees voted to be represented by CWA Local 13000.



The CWA Local 13500 Bargaining Team agreed to extend the current ITS contract while negotiations continue. The contract will expire at the end of May. Stay in touch with the Local for the latest news.


Mission Wired

Mission Wired negotiations continued in April. The Bargaining Team emphasized the need for transparency and guidelines in the company’s approach to job postings, promotion, and transfers. Bargaining resumes in May. Find the latest bargaining report here.

Mission Wired employees joined CWA in September. The bargaining unit is represented by CWA Local 2336, and this contract will be the first for the bargaining unit.



This month, the Piedmont Bargaining Committee reached several tentative agreements on crucial issues for members, including a new sick time policy. The Committee will address wages in the next round of negotiations and asks members to show their support more than ever to get the contract they deserve!

Check out the full report here.


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The NLRB will seek an injunction in federal court against the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. As CWA reported, this injunction could result in the Post-Gazette being held to account for its lawless behavior.

Members in Locals 14827, 14842 and TNG-CWA Local 38061 have been on strike at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for 18 months.

Please continue your support of striking workers at the Gazette. Visit and subscribe to the strike paper at



Workers at ZeniMax showed solidarity this month as negotiations entered the 1 year mark. Zenimax workers are part of the CODE-CWA Organizing Campaign. The top unresolved issues include: remote work, outsourcing, and wages. CWA Locals 2100 and 2108 represent ZeniMax workers in Maryland. This is the first contact for workers at ZeniMax.

Collage of Zenimax members showing one year of bargaining

            ZeniMax workers show solidarity as negotiations hit the 1 year mark.

Collage of Zenimax workers showing one year of bargaining